The ‘SCT’ PBGY Wagon project.

PBGY wagon, 3/4 view

PBGY wagon, 3/4 view

This wagon was commissioned by SAR N-scale Detailers to accompany their range of vehicles for the enormous SCT trip-trains across the Nullarbor. This bodyshell will be rapid prototyped, modified slightly to accept a chassis casting, and set in a rubber mould for casting in polyurethane. The defining feature of these wagons is the ‘corrugations’ along the side, which would prove extremely difficult to build in brass or plastic for a traditional model master.

SCT 'Multi-Freighter' PBGY wagon in N

SCT 'Multi-Freighter' PBGY wagon in N

The process of developing up in 3D was surprisingly simple and straightforward, once the misproportioned (but excellently detailed) general arrangement diagram was traced over. The 3D work and rework took as long as the tracing process, all up exactly 10 hours work.

SCT branding mockup

SCT branding mockup


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